Worth Noting: ip.Access claims 500K femtocells deployed

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 Hello femtocells!

So last week was super busy for me and I was meaning to come back to this announcement that I saw from ip.access. As we all know claims of zillions of femtocells, are like the we’re all going to be choking in wireless data claims that went for like a decade before we stopped rolling our eyes at the iPhone…(and then again maybe only from the rear view mirror), but nonetheless, the calls from these market analysts for 10s of millions of femotocells to be deployed by now have not really happened. I’ve tried to help, I have 2 femtocells at my home, a VZW CDMA/EVDO and ATT WCDMA unit but not so common. So back to the point, ip.access has passed the 500K mark, which is not surprising, to me, but they are sort of claiming the largest femtocell deployments in the world. I can tell you that this is not true but I cannot not tell you more than that. Nonetheless, there it is. 500K unit milestone, they expect 1M in 2012.

 Good job ip.access!

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