Wireless + Non-Serial Entrepreneurs = Parallel Wireless

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I’ve been really busy building things and talking to people but one announcement made me cheer. Parallel Wireless is combining several elements such as HetNet, backhaul, LTE, SON and some Software Defined Networking (SDN) concepts into a product. rtr4bjo9



(No, this image has nothing to do with that.)


They are introducing what they call, a Converged Wireless System (CWS but not to be confused with College World Series), that integrates the backhaul and the access products as others have done, (ex: Athena Wireless) but with more integration into other environments like the P25 radios used by first responders, WiFi, etc… I think it’s an interesting package. Good for them for thinking beyond just the access and working on the integration of the HetNet into the macro network through their controllers.

Parallel Wireless has a tough road ahead as they try to compete in a crowded market (of mostly vaporware!) but I fully applaud the thinking and energy!

Overview Video:

Related announcement by customer EE (UK.)


02 December 2014


  • EE set to connect more than 1,500 communities by the end of 2017
  • World-first technology successfully trialled in Cumbria village of Sebergham, with all 129 households and small businesses receiving data and voice connectivity from only three ‘meshed’ small antennas
  • New EE micro network changes the economics of mobile coverage by removing the requirement to build large masts and install sub-ground cables

From the Parallel Wireless material:

  • Urban HetNet optimization for VoLTE
  • Rural and suburban network extension, urban infill, urban capacity enhancement
  • Land Mobile LTE (LMLTE)
  • “Bring Your Own Coverage” with in-vehicle instant deployables
  • Hosting the 3G or P25 IP network backbones
  • Greenfield macro with On-Tower Macrocell eliminating the eNodeB in the cabinet

Converged Wireless System (CWS) is a high capacity 3GPP compliant carrier-grade multi-RAT eNodeB that leverages the latest silicon to deliver more capabilities from commodity components. Coming in different form factors including outdoor and in-vehicle, CWS delivers instant, reliable and cost-effective coverage anywhere and features:

  • 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Built-in flexible backhaul: Fiber, Ethernet, LTE Backhaul, multi-radio mesh SDN backhaul enabled by LAC

CWS leverages open APIs on LAC. The nodes are self-configured and self-managed via LAC and can be deployed easily. LAC enabled orchestration provides hands free maintenance of CWS base stations along with the following benefits:

  • SON-based interference mitigation for access and backhaul
  • SON-controlled dynamic RF power adjustment
  • Software-defined radio (SDR) capabilities that enable future proof for additional bands or band reconfigurations
  • Integrated resilient synchronization


Parallel Wireless is reimagining the RAN and building solutions that will enable and accelerate the long term transition from today’s 4G LTE to tomorrow’s 5G cellular networks.

In the span of a past decade we’ve gone from a majority of voice-only 2G networks to widespread data-first LTE networks. In the decade to come, expectations are for wireless networks to rival the capacity and speed we experience on wired networks today. In the same way that the architecture for voice-only 2G networks was inappropriate for data-first networks, the architecture of today’s LTE rollout will face serious challenges cost-effectively achieving the capacity and coverage aspirations for 5G.

The only known way to realize the vision for 5G networks is densification. We need more radios covering more bands in more places. This means the average carrier will have multiple bands of LTE spectrum. This means we will have more radios than ever before from multiple vendors. This means we will have a true unified HetNet versus independent 3G/LTE networks or separate macro, femto, and metro cell networks.

All of this points to the need of more intelligent coordination and orchestration in the RAN. We are well on our way to this future with our introduction of the LTE Access Controller  and Converged Wireless System. Our roadmap and vision will introduce more capabilities and continue to incrementally evolve the network. We look forward to sharing more as we fully realize this vision.