The Internet of Things (IoT) Getting Interesting

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IoTI am an early adopter. I admit it. If there is something out there that I can use to modify my life to make it quicker, simpler, better etc… I will try it out. Of course 99% of the time it’s not exactly what it’s cracked up to be, but the 1% surprises are great enough to keep at it. In that vein, I have been using wearables and increasing the Internet of Things around me for about 2 years now.


So far, for me, the use cases of the Internet of Things and wearables are loaded with these 1% good surprise examples. I think Google agreed when it purchased Nest or launched Glass and yes, there’s more to it than that in their decision.

For me, end user person, the convenience that the Internet of Things bring is very attractive to me. For example: Having my home thermostats remotely accessible and more intelligently operated is a savings and a quality of life upgrade. nest_thermostat_iphone_app I am also assisted in my work outs and calorie tracking with my Nike Fuel Band/Fitbit/Jawbone. What’s helpful is that actual tracking of the calories or activity. FuelBandSEScreens Although I can certainly have estimated it myself, I didn’t have to make time to do it, nor forget to do it, nor really do anything special. It’s debatable what that is worth monetarily but the point is the capability is useful and in technology surely you’ve noticed the trend for the economics to eventually get in line with reality. So that brings me to the assumption that someday, it would be useful to have many things about me that did similar automations. $100-$300 per small device is not sustainable at this point since these gadgets are in their developmental infancy (not specialized/ruggedized enough, etc…) but they will be.

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