Another Good Candidate Technology for 5G

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Been following this but wasn’t sure it was on anyone’s else’s RADAR. Today, it popped up in Technology Review so I thought it was good to mention they have an article about it. What is it? It’s is Network Coding for TCP. What does it do? It overcomes the congestion and lossy packet problems that cause network throughput drops. […]

The Network Mona Lisa

Updated! LTE + CDMA (3GPP2) + IMS Network Diagram

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Update: Forgot that Artiza Networks has a nice and clean version. Mine looks like a messy room in comparison. 🙂 See bottom. Just sharing this, it’s something I did before and forgot where I used it. I think I summarized some details, such as the millions of IMS pieces but broke out important functions such as […]

4 New Products/Ideas Will Allow Significant Energy Savings And Performance Improvements For Upcoming LTE Devices

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 So last year had a story about saving 50% power consumption just by enhancing content strategies. I’ve been keeping my eyes on that one, therefore when I saw these, my triggers went off. I have about 4 technologies that are not earth shattering but each add up to dramatically slice power consumption for mobile […]

A Slew of LTE Product Announcements

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Ah, Product Announcements. LTE marketplace growth. Have a nice day. Who What Why CalAmp to Supply Its Fusion-LTE Router to Vermont Utilities Marketplace growth: A competitor for the Cradlepoint wireless router that supports LTE. Mobile Operators can accelerate LTE Voice Strategy with ‘0 to VoLTE in 30 days’ offer  It’s an IMS supporting VoLTE ready […]

Maxim IC Acquires Genasic Design Systems for LTE Transceiver IC GEN4100

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 According to EETimes, Maxim quietly gobbled up Genasic recently. That’s good to know because it sounded like Genasic was sampling an LTE UE (Device) 65nm radio front end with multi-band capability from 698MHz to 2.7GHz that will draw under 300 mW, enabling dongles and other devices.  The GEN4100 operates from 680- to 2700-MHz with channel bandwidths programmable […]

Headline says it all: SkyCross Unveils VersiTune-LTE™ Tunable Antenna Module for Multiband 4G LTE Devices

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 SkyCross has announced their device antenna technology and plans for world domination, which essentially shrinks the total space required for antennae in a device. They put it best…”The SkyCross VersiTune-LTE™ tunable antenna module leverages SkyCross patented ST-iMAT™ technology, enabling a single antenna structure to operate over up to 12 transmit and receive bands while providing optimized […]