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LTE Optimization Thoughts

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   Working on many things at the same time, the tunnel vision sets in, so every once in a while, I try to take a I step back and reflect on where we are in LTE land. What I see is a early market that has yet to find it’s purpose in life. Yeah yeah, […]

A Glimpse at Potential LTE or 5G Wireless Key Technologies

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 First ran across this story in After reading through the presentations and watching some of the video presentations, I was initially very skeptical. After thinking about it a while, it strikes me that this seems very sound approach even if the exact implementation for a commercial wireless networking infrastructure is different than what Dr. […]

Headline says it all: SkyCross Unveils VersiTune-LTE™ Tunable Antenna Module for Multiband 4G LTE Devices

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 SkyCross has announced their device antenna technology and plans for world domination, which essentially shrinks the total space required for antennae in a device. They put it best…”The SkyCross VersiTune-LTE™ tunable antenna module leverages SkyCross patented ST-iMAT™ technology, enabling a single antenna structure to operate over up to 12 transmit and receive bands while providing optimized […]