FUD Alert: VoLTE Calls Are Battery Killers??

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 Now the Blogosphere is incessantly echoing this story … I first noticed in GigaOM, their story is really Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) extremist journalism (how’s that?) Their story is linked below. Voice Calls Over 4G LTE Networks Are Battery Killers The key quote is: The results of those tests should give carriers and consumers […]

Updated! Review of LTE InterRAT Handovers

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Update: Cisco came out with a post today (23JULY12) titled, “Evolving to LTE- Cisco’s Seamless Migration for CDMA Operators.” Have a look at that resource too. Their primary motivation is the recent purchase of Starent and so have CDMA and LTE gear to offer. From their page: (Seems a little like boilerplate from their HSPA […]

The Network Mona Lisa

Updated! LTE + CDMA (3GPP2) + IMS Network Diagram

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Update: Forgot that Artiza Networks has a nice and clean version. Mine looks like a messy room in comparison. 🙂 See bottom. Just sharing this, it’s something I did before and forgot where I used it. I think I summarized some details, such as the millions of IMS pieces but broke out important functions such as […]

LTE Smart Phones Just Not Compelling Enough Today!

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A quick rant. It bugs me that the current crop of LTE smart phones, even those demonstrated at Mobile World Congress this week,  just aren’t compelling enough yet. These devices have nice screens and all are striving for that thin, simplistic framed, glossy look that’s oh so desirable, however although the web experience is blazing […]

Ericsson and Qualcomm Release Details on VoLTE to WCDMA SRVCC Handover

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 Ericsson and Qualcomm just pressed that they performed successful voice handovers back on December 23, 2011 with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) to WCDMA handover using Single Radio Voice Continuity (SRVCC.) The significance of this is that VoLTE/SRVCC allows a good user experience while reducing the required radio components thus saving cost and battery life and […]