Dish + Sprint is a Winner to Me

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 Been a while… I’ve been collaborating and innovating but I thought I would register my approval of a Dish + Sprint + Clear tie up. Firstly let me say I don’t think Softbank would be willing to let the opportunity slip away so low ($25.5B US) but I like the idea of an all wireless […]

Idea for LTE Operators

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Funny thing about LTE, it’s really polarizing in the blogosphere. Most people are extremely impressed by the performance but there are a few that claim they are rarely if ever on 4G.    Made me think, why don’t the operators…                

SON Note: Sprint Mentions 250K Femtocells Delivered

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                  An interesting note attributed to Sprint’s VP of Network Development and Engineering, Iyad Tarrazi caught my eye. He says there are 250K Sprint femtocells delivered. Got me to thinking….Assume that 75% are active, then roughly 187,500 devices are ‘available on the network.’  Further assume that each […]