LTE Smart Phones Just Not Compelling Enough Today!

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A quick rant. It bugs me that the current crop of LTE smart phones, even those demonstrated at Mobile World Congress this week,  just aren’t compelling enough yet. These devices have nice screens and all are striving for that thin, simplistic framed, glossy look that’s oh so desirable, however although the web experience is blazing […]

Ericsson and Nokia are Raising SONs Differently

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I have never read this book although I probably should, but it was funny in context of Self Optimizing Networks (SONs) and there you go. Ericsson and Nokia made announcements at this years MWC that were carefully crafted to be as different from each other as possible, yet when digging deeper into what details they […]

New iGR Report Quantifies LTE’s SON Benefit$ from 2011-2016 While Infonetics Estimates SON Market Size

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 Research vendor iGR has published a report for sale as part of their “Small Cell Architecutures Research Advisory and Subscription Service” extolling the virtues of Self Optimized Networking (SON) in LTE. What’s interesting is the information drip used as the teaser, it’s pretty big. As you know LTE networks have a services architecture (SAE) that is […]

Clear (4G WiMAX) Starting to Roll

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 Clearwire stepped into the 10M subscriber club recently by adding the final 900K subscribers this quarter. They now have around 9.1M wholesale subscribers (via mainly Sprint) and 1.3M retail subscribers so they have validated their partnership with Sprint. Another interesting tidbit is the subs have increased usage year over year by 22% so the whole […]

ITU-T Approval of LTE-Advanced And Expectations

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  So the blogosphere is exploding with all of the announcements of 5G and/or broadband for cars after seeing the ITU-T announcement that hit the other day. If you are not sure who ITU-T is… ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs. So everyone seems […]

Cradlepoint’s Got Your Network Uptime Covered

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Cradlepoint has released a wireless business (broadband) router, with Verizon’s (Band 13) LTE as the backhaul. The interesting thing about this is that they are promoting it as a ‘business continuity’ solution for network failure of your wired internet connection. This is something I’m personally interested in, however the problem I see is the value. […]

Example of Interesting LTE Ecosystem at Work

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 Battlefield Technical Systems (BTS) and Radisys are enabling LTE on the battlefield. BTS demonstrated a ‘femto/pico’ class eNB at their place that proved in the mashup nature of the evolving marketplace. Essential hardware and software pieces were integrated into a final LTE solution…What all of this means is Public Safety and wireless network operators can […]