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LTE Optimization Thoughts

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   Working on many things at the same time, the tunnel vision sets in, so every once in a while, I try to take a I step back and reflect on where we are in LTE land. What I see is a early market that has yet to find it’s purpose in life. Yeah yeah, […]

Deutsche Telekom Launches 100Mbps Service…Sigh

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While the USA has been launching its’ 2×2 MIMO based, 10MHz FDD networks that peak in the 70Mbps range, but deliver about 20s….Deutsche Telekom announces they are launching their 100Mbps service in Europe.  Honestly I’m jealous. There’s a big gap between what I’m using and what they are advertising… sigh…  oh yeah…all this for EUR 9.95/month! […]

Interesting Demo for MWC: Cognovo and Rhode and Schwartz are Demonstrating Release 10 Over the Air

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 Cognovo and Rhode & Schwartz are demonstrating Release 10 over the air at Mobile World Congress. Cognovo is putting their CDC160, a Software Defined Radio (SDR) processor to work as the baseband processor and Rhode and Schwartz (R&S) is chipping in their Vector Signal Analyzer SMU200A and Option K85 as the front end to demonstrate […]