Rumor Is Verizon Wireless Conducting Live VoLTE Tests in 2 Markets

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 I don’t normally comment on conjecture, unless I feel the need, but SlashGear and others are reporting that Verizon is running Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in 2 markets on their 700MHz spectrum in preparation in launching commercially next year. This is a logical and good step for the LTE marketplace. Ultimately, if VoLTE, say via Qualcomm’s EVRC Voice Coding (VoCODER), can get to the point where it is at least as efficient if not substantially more than CDMA 1X, then carriers will be able to continue (really more effectively) financing the data explosion with voice minutes. Beyond that, the 700MHz spectrum is vastly more advantaged than the higher spectrum deployments PCS/AWS/2.5GHz and the little guys own a lot of lower 700MHz…The overall upside to VoLTE deployment I see is that everything can finally become voice enabled. There are many use cases that this really becomes really cool!

Go Verizon!

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