Reinvention of The Communications Infrastructure Universe

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Apparently I’m on some unintentional quest to piss just about everyone off in this world. What I mean is, last week I mentioned that I thought the network operators were going the way of the dinosaur and so now I need to see this through… have to go all the way.

A little background: I have been thinking this recurring idea/daydream for greater than a decade. 315f36a73435915e6d95ba38eb461d0a

It comes to me every time I step into a data center, Network Operations Center, Central Office, lab, cell site or other place where networking goes on. I love this analogy, but consulting in the networking industry is much like the movie Groundhog Day…

Conversations I have with the engineering staff is generally the same globally…So according to your executives, you would like to deploy this and that service or feature, but this time you want to incorporate some amazing technology or cloud capability to cut costs and reduce the schedule. What is your current plan?

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