My Top 5 End User Benefits With LTE

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LTE Benefits to the End User

Thought I would have some fun and go through the top 5 reasons the average consumer should adopt LTE. The point was to verify there were some end user benefits vs operators seeing all the benefits. I did my best to limit myself to today’s benefits, so there’s no HD Voice or global roaming etc in the list. See if you can think of better ones. Here are my top 5…Drum roll….

  1. Increased competition between carriers
  2. Supports ever growing Multi-mega pixel camera trend
  3. Safer to use at the sandwich shop than WiFi
  4. Low(est) mobile wireless latency
  5. Alternative to DSL at home
What? Here it is atom by atom.

1. Increased competition between carriers:  In the US, a less competitive wireless market, ATT, MetroPCS and Verizon already offer LTE, Clear, CSpire, Sprint, T Mobile, US Cellular are launching this year. I don’t like paying $25/GB/mo so I’m hoping the price competition will pressure down those prices. Yes supply and demand effects will have me using more and paying more, the low end is a mental barrier that needs to be crossed. Secondly, the increased competition with the identical services will result in greater focus in performance. The networks themselves will improve as a basis of competition further making end user experiences better.


2. Supports ever growing Multi-mega pixel camera trend: For this one , it’s bandwidth. Tip of the iceberg example, no way 3G is going support transporting your 17Mega pixel pictures of the puppy rolling over very quickly. LTE’s bandwidth will help out greatly here. Also, it looks like we are finally wanting to video call each other which is not very pleasant out on the road on 3G.


3. Safer to use at the sandwich shop than Wifi: Security of LTE vs WiFi is very deep and I won’t go into all of the nuances. Suffice it to say, at the lowest common denominator, it’s not free to begin stealing your data if on an LTE network. It takes significantly more effort than that. All that being said, I don’t want my instant messages to my wife on the internet. (yeah, ok, assume I have some end to end secure IM client.)


4. Low(set) mobile wireless latencyGaming. ‘Nuff said. Actually since the latency is so much lower than other wireless technologies, it’s going to make Push To X (PTx) services finally really usable. It also benefits chat and video calling a great deal. All of these apps are far more possible, pleasant etc on LTE than 3G or even WiFi under low loading in some cases.









5. Alternative to DSL at home:For this one  Tie it to your ‘stick it to the man’ strategy. Don’t know about you but it’s only recently I’ve had choices in wired networking. Another option never hurts when it comes to connectivity at home. More competition, and better pricing, better service as mentioned above.