LTE usage in the US is about to explode! Crash Networks???

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I’ll give you one guess why LTE usage in the US is about to explode? Say it together… ready… 

Yep, iPhone 5. If the rumors are true and they follow the precedent of implementing LTE in iPad, then it’s reasonable to assume that iPhone5 is going sport LTE. Now, per our previous discussions, the design choices will guide how many markets a single SKU can support (hopefully they chose wisely) but I am going to be optimistic and think it would support 700, 800, 950, 1800, 1900 and 2100 handily. The next challenge would be global roaming but let’s hash that out later. 

From a utilization perspective, if 50% of the iPhone users are in urbanized areas where LTE is deployed, it’s safe to assume that most of these will be using LTE instead of HSPA+/EVDO. The data model shows that iPhone users are averaging around 1GB per month currently so I would expect that to nearly double quickly given the new capabilities of the LTE channel.

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