LTE Network Design Advice: Don’t Overlook the X2

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This should be quick…Often times I am asked what can be done to improve network performance. There are all of the obvious answers such as those related to the radio link and the backhaul so on but the one I see as the most underrated improvement time after time is the X2 interface.

The S1 interface connects the eNB to the Core network. That is not what I’m talking about.

The X2 interface was designed to directly communicate from site to site, to reduce the latency of handover between sites with control and user plane data and allow for the exchange of control information that is useful to Self Organizing Networking (SON).

An LTE Network Diagram

An LTE Network Diagram

Seems like everyone I visit has connected their X2 interface (a logical interface) just back through the same path as their S1 interface. What’s the point of that? course_024_dWhen it takes the same path as the S1 (from site to edge router to core and back.)I mean all that latency those packets rack up on that trip!

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