Jump Ahead: 4G LTE Mobile Market Forecast Shifts…With a Surprise Ending

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overload Was looking through Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (see below) and was thinking about a few pieces of it and the impacts to LTE and SON networking. I appreciate the time Cisco takes to put this together, I would not manage to find the time to give away a good report. Yes, it ties to their core business strongly but it’s a great service for people like me to make sure we’re not drinking from the Kool-Aid.

Now as far as the report is concerned I will point out there are 2 revisions by Cisco that are noteworthy, firstly their model had Mobile laptops as a big driver to data and there is now a slowdown in mobile laptop and data forecast during this period. Secondly the Machine 2 Machine (M2M) estimates are revised to show fewer connections based on analyst forecasts. I’m not sure I believe the 2nd one as much as I accept the first one fully. Note these are relative to last year’s report…

I have a takeaway for LTE mobile operators out there you will want to pay attention to. READ THE REPORT FIRST!

Data points from their report:

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