Intrinsyc Software and Ubiquisys Demonstrating Wi-Fi Wake Up at MWC

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 Intrinsyc Software and Ubiquisys are preparing a neat little demo for those of you going to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. They are planning to demonstrate Wi-Fi wake up. The way it works is a mobile has a client that recognizes a given location, either via a special signal or geolocation (their implementation isn’t clear from the PR) and then it basically turns on the WiFi radio on the mobile (it was off to save power) and logs into the secure WiFi hotspot. When you leave it logs you out and turns it off. It’s very simple. Full disclosure, I talked about implementing this a number of years ago at other places, although I could never get comfortable with the fact that you needed an app to be lurking on your device to do this. Seemed a little shady if in the wrong hands, but that was before the big data privacy breech issues with Google, Apple etc etc… guess I was naive to be concerned.

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