Interesting Experiment: LTE MVNO and Free Data Service

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sprint + FreedomPOP MVNO LTE Experiement

sprint + FreedomPOP MVNO LTE Experiement A curious market experiment is taking place. I’ll explain. FreedomPop, an Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) founded in 2011 and based in Los Angeles, is offering 500MB of free wireless data over LTE for their customers. They are marketing a DSL type of replacement service with a LTE gateway and LTE mobile service through dongles, usb attachments for tablets and iPods. Their business model seems to be to over 4G LTE services as an MVNO by appealing to the lower end of the market with the offer of free data, low device costs, and opportunities to increase the amount of free data (beyond the initial 500MB) through mobile ads.

I think this is interesting from several angles.

Firstly, FreedomPop, at the moment is positioned as data only MVNO, unlike the multitudes of voice centric MVNO’s in the North American marketplace. This is interesting because they will either be complementing or competing with Clear on Sprint. If there is Clear then why FreedomPop…not ‘clear’ to me yet. The guys at have a nifty chart that shows the present relationships in the NA MVNO space.

MVNO Chart So the first question is, does FreedomPop fill a market segment underserved today? Not clear…haha…couldn’t resist. Maybe.

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