Huawei’s SingleSON Solution: Monitoring Every Call In Your Network (To Reduce OPEX)

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 Having spent more than a decade working at an Asian conglomerate, I can appreciate the occasional feelings of corporate loneliness and therefore the need to put out some PRs to get some of the love back. So in this week’s episode, Huawei’s propensity to enable corporate or state espionage in communication networks is being debated publicly (it is an election year in the US) and their response is SingleSON. This SON server can surveil and monitor ALL of your networks, including InterRAT and heterogeneous networks. OK, it sounds a little fishy but let me explain.

So Huawei is advocating a single SON control point for multiple deployed networks. This is really a reasonable approach that allows such things as InterRAT network improvement, traffic steering and ultimately less OPEX via manual intervention.  There’s nothing earth shattering here  so I probably don’t need to go into great detail. They have plenty of good materials handy.

There is this groovy video that explains…

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