Day 2 of LTE World Summit 2012 Nearly Underway in Barcelona

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 It’s time for yet another 3GPP oriented conference in Barcelona, Spain. This time the LTE World Summit is gathering to pitch discuss signaling in LTE networks. A good topic since there is plenty of room for improvement and optimization of some of the clunkier signaling. The US operators have had issues with one protocol, Diameter in particular (remember, it’s the successor to the older RADIUS), and have even withstood some outages due to issues with handling of this protocol. 

I love innovation and there are a couple of companies that are getting my attention. An example is Diametriq and their competitors such as Traffix Systems and Tekelec in the Diameter space. BTW, check out Tekelec’s cool Diameter iOS/Android reference app. 

Side note, 3GPP recognizes the shortcoming of Diameter and is working on a Diameter 2.0….

Another side note, iBasis seems the least innovative, like hey we have a voice roaming clearinghouse and we want to be included in the future so here’s a PR with no thought to improving the market out…uh, whatever.

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