LTE Range Extension Press Release by PSCR- Remixed

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Ok so General Dynamics has been plugging away at the PSCR (Public Safety Communications Research for U.S. Department of Commerce)requirements to help standardize (ok commercialize) aspects of LTE for public safety use and they just put out this press release letting us know they have successfully tested a long range (boomer) LTE cell that had a […]

Wireless + Non-Serial Entrepreneurs = Parallel Wireless

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I’ve been really busy building things and talking to people but one announcement made me cheer. Parallel Wireless is combining several elements such as HetNet, backhaul, LTE, SON and some Software Defined Networking (SDN) concepts into a product.      (No, this image has nothing to do with that.)   They are introducing what they […]

Security Issue: Interceptor Cell Sites

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Let’s talk about some recent headlines for a minute. Recently, the company ESD America has been publishing a list of rogue network cells, in the US, discovered with their $3500 secure phone. Phone Firewall Identifies Rogue Cell Towers Trying to Intercept Your Calls ( Fake cell phone ‘towers’ may be spying on Americans’ calls, texts ( […]

Wrap Up of LTE Americas 2013 (Dallas, TX) With Some Cool Infographics At The End

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 So the show itself was pretty interesting, from the perspective of the sessions. Naturally there are useful and useless sessions. I thought the best sessions were the HetNets. Public safety tracks were pretty good too.  The Network Optimization tracks were antiquated thanks to the technology we were showing at the show (example: see under tools) […]

Garter Hype Cycles Visualized

LTE’s March Down the Hype Cycle… and me!

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 As LTE permeates its’ way through the technology landscape, I’m making some adjustments to my relationship with the market. Yes, I’ve complained about these things before and again, but this time I’m doing something different. Firstly, all road signs point to LTE progressing down Gartner’s Hype Cycle chart. I thought it was oversimplification, it is, but […]

Updated! Qualcomm Pushes Back Against Lower 700MHz Interoperability Efforts By FCC

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March 21st FCC kicked off an industry discussion with their FCC Docket No. 12-69 Promoting Interoperability in the 700 MHz Commercial Spectrum Last Friday, (1st of June), Qualcomm shoots over some comments to the FCC in response. Specifically, a document titled: Promoting Interoperability in the 700 MHz Commercial Spectrum Interoperability of Mobile User Equipment […]