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I keep running into employee skill/knowledge limits when I’m out and about helping organizations and networks improve. When I ask about the plan to improve in this area, the exact answers vary slightly but generally speaking there is a training budget, there is some mandatory training and some that the employee should request. Each employee attends XX hours of training annually. At one point I actually happened to be present when one critical knowledge opportunity came up and I observed. Lots of reading slides, laptops open, phones being tapped…

My conclusion: Training is useless, it’s a waste of time.*

*Exception is a former colleague of mine performs engineering training, his name is Scott Baxter. If you want some engineering training, go see him. He is progressing to guru status and is very engaging…

Ok so one of the tasks I usually do a lot of in an engagement is hands on mentoring to employees. It turns out to be one of the most valuable things I do, even if I solved some vexing or horrendous issue in the network.

So I had an idea. What if I were to give the opposite of training?

The goal would be to teach job skills and knowledge, with practical application and practice, and very few slides or scribbling on white boards etc…and break it into knowledge nuggets so participants had no need or time to bring a device/laptop to drift off to and everyone in the WHOLE company could come and learn about the same topic, just targeted to their interests. OH yeah, one more thing, it has to be cheap because we want everyone including HR present so we can all get better at communicating what our issues and needs are with each other… So:

Old Way:  LTE training with slides packed of OFDMA wave forms with lots of description of phase noise, or resource block diagrams…

New Way: LTE training for RF designers how to model OFDMA links in popular tools and practical explanations on why they differ from WCDMA/CDMA etc…with tool screens instead of Powerpoint.

I am going to only focus on the areas that are most interesting for me and I think have the largest value to customers.




Small Cells

Performance Improvement

I will being reaching out to companies individually. I will put some details at the WiLANgo store site…