A 5G Use case! RED Smartphone with LEIA Holographic Display Tech

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So my quick take on the RED Hydrogen phone is… Firstly, as a phone, I don’t expect it to be a market success as the price pressure on devices just via competition has pressed down our perception of value.  For example, just considering frameless metal, large HD glass phones to chose from, we would all run out and buy a $400 phone if it were built with $1000 components yet we would not be nearly as interested in a $399 phone if it were built with $300 of components and a $1000 phone with $1000 components is only interesting to the 1% So regarding the last sentiment, both Apple iPhone8 and RED Hydrogen are reportedly in the $1000 range.

The RED Hydrogen is your basic 5.7″ Android phone and to make it more compelling, they partnered with LEIA to add a 2D and 3D Holographic screen. Using polarization, diffraction with controlled backlighting, images can appear to be in 3D right off the display- just add HD 3D content. Below is a video from the company that makes the display technology, LEIA.

So for what it’s worth, I do sense that this is a use case for 5G. If it takes 3-4 camera views, assuming 4K, then you are looking at Mbps streaming data consumption per user. (YouTube today is on order of 100’sKBps depending on mobile screen size.) So for vertical markets such as medical or perhaps the mass market of indoor navigation, this could be a useful application.

It doesn’t mean the final form factor is a smartphone necessarily but the use cases are somewhat compelling as you could have a 3D kiosk in the middle of a a public space and/or corridor to help navigate that would make far more sense from an availability/adoption standpoint than trying to do the same thing using AR/VR with wearables.

Why 5G use case? High speed LTE can deliver this content now, however if there is a high density of use then of course it will be cheaper to deliver via 5G and I am assuming that detail would be important to the mass adoption.

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