Interesting Flow of Comments From Barclays Conference Underway Now

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 There is an interesting flow of comments coming out of the Barclays Capital High Yield Bond and Syndicated Loan Conference. Firstly there was some interesting comments by MetroPCS regarding LTE, these are from Keith Terreri VP, Finance & Treasurer, MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. Firstly they have accumulated 500K subscribers so far out of between 9M-10M total subscribers.  They are looking […]

Notes on Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE)

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 Here are some thoughts about the questions I get around SVLTE. Notice the pic and remember this day? This was Verizon and Apple answering questions about the iPhone 4. The biggest technical tidbit of the day was that the 3G iPhone 4 would not allow a simultaneous voice and data session. Of course this was […]

Verizon Waved Magic Wand and Improved LTE Latency

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 Verizon must of had some test routes in or something…As of today their latency is much more reasonable. (30ms average reduction) The end user experience improvement is pretty good when testing with Skype. Their LTE service is getting to be pretty good now. I reside at the cell edge and 700MHz delivers where 1900MHz does […]

The New iPad, LTE, Backhaul and User QoS

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 I’ve been playing around with The New iPad since Friday now, and the thing that’s most annoying at the moment is not the device at all. It’s Verizon. I’ve been of course testing LTE speeds and comparing to my Verizon 3G speeds and I must say, the latest iPad has a good receiver performance for […]

Follow Up Thinking on ‘The New iPad’ with LTE

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 So now we can see a couple of things have been revealed about The New iPad. Firstly, I was wrong about the guess on the components. Obviously timeline were tight for Apple’s engineering team and they chose devices they had access to at the time vs the more advanced components available now. Firstly they use […]