Root Metrics Tests Mobile Broadband Data in Seattle

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I took my time reviewing the Root Metrics report regarding mobile wireless data services in Seattle, WA. because I wanted to understand what the point was they were trying to make. As an aside, I try my best to focus on the key piece(s) of information being presented in the LTE/SON marketplace so that’s why […]

PC Mag reviews Anydata’s LTE Modem for LightSquared

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With the controversy surrounding the GPS interference and LightSquared, it’s easy to forget LightSquared is charging ahead with their plans to launch LTE service. Just this week, LightSquared announced they have signed deals with Cricket (Roaming) and Best Buy (Reseller/Distribution.) What got my attention was PC Mag got some hands on time with the Anydata […]

3D Printing Method Facilitates High Performance Small Antenna Design (Cool!)

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This is very impressive. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers Jennifer Berhnard and Jennifer Lewis have devised a clever method of fabricating an antenna in 3D using silver nanoparticle ink on glass hemispheres. The resulting antenna is a high Q, electrically small (ESA) antenna that outperforms other ESA (monopoles. ) Using these in smart phones […]