LTE Network Design and Operations: Groundhog Day

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Ever see the movie Groundhog Day starring the comedian Bill Murray? If you haven’t seen that movie the basic idea is that the main character wakes up every day at the same exact time to the same exact day….  Here’s the deal…. It’s Groundhog Day for LTE! All of the carriers are doing the same […]


On The Other Hand…Big Cells, Small Steps… Updated!!

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 Update: Serendipitously, Kevin Pritchard at GigOM just published an article on Verizon’s New network. I added some thinking about this below… There’s disappointingly little to report from the Small Cell Forum meetings in Dallas, TX this week, was hoping for someone to make bold moves. Anyhow, ever notice that most LTE macro network operators are very hesitant to push the […]


Things (in the industry) I’m Thankful For

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 My pal Zahid spotted a very good presentation about the Future of Broadband, by Martin Geddes. His post was titled “Bandwidth is not the answer – it’s stationarity” The point of the presentation is that Quality of Experience is still not being respected/monitored. Amen! I have been telling people this for a long time so, […]


Wrap Up of LTE Americas 2013 (Dallas, TX) With Some Cool Infographics At The End

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 So the show itself was pretty interesting, from the perspective of the sessions. Naturally there are useful and useless sessions. I thought the best sessions were the HetNets. Public safety tracks were pretty good too.  The Network Optimization tracks were antiquated thanks to the technology we were showing at the show (example: see under tools) […]