Wait, The Exciting Tradeshow PR!!

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NETGEAR Mobile Hotspot and Anritsu LTE Network Simulator Utilized in LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation Not sure why but this PR struck me as amusing…Leaves nothing to the imagination, eh? Published on May 23, 2013 at 6:25 AM Anritsu Company announces that LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation (CA) devices are one step closer to commercial deployment with a demonstration […]


SKT Innovative Multi-Band LTE Deployment in Seoul

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SKT announced a pilot program in which they are deploying Multi Carrier LTE in the Seoul area, to facilitate higher throughputs without moving to Release 10 just yet. The pilot testing has started as of today and they plan to offer commercial service in July for around a 30 day test window. The deployment will […]


Interesting Demo for MWC: Cognovo and Rhode and Schwartz are Demonstrating Release 10 Over the Air

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 Cognovo and Rhode & Schwartz are demonstrating Release 10 over the air at Mobile World Congress. Cognovo is putting their CDC160, a Software Defined Radio (SDR) processor to work as the baseband processor and Rhode and Schwartz (R&S) is chipping in their Vector Signal Analyzer SMU200A and Option K85 as the front end to demonstrate […]


Intriguing PR from NetLogic Microsystems…OP6100 supports up to 65MHZ OBW

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There is an interesting release from NetLogic Microsystems that their OP6100 supports 65MHz Occupied Band Width (OBW) with 145MHz of total bandwidth. This part seems like a great part to think about for LTE Advanced systems, and multigenerational basestations that need to support multiple carriers and formats simultaneously. On the other hand, not sure if […]


3D Printing Method Facilitates High Performance Small Antenna Design (Cool!)

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This is very impressive. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers Jennifer Berhnard and Jennifer Lewis have devised a clever method of fabricating an antenna in 3D using silver nanoparticle ink on glass hemispheres. The resulting antenna is a high Q, electrically small (ESA) antenna that outperforms other ESA (monopoles. ) Using these in smart phones […]


World meet DAN3800, LTE Advanced SoC

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Design Art Networks has released a 40nm SoC that is very respectable in terms of specifications.  It is Release 10 (LTE Advanced) ready and only consumes 8W at full power, supporting up to  80MHz aggregate spectrum, and 16TX + 16RX paths (= 4 sectors of 4×4 MIMO). If the price is right, beware the onslaught […]