Femto Forum Decides to be Small Cell Forum

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Today the Femto Forum announced that they are forevermore The Small Cell Forum. Makes sense as femtocells are sort of boring right now with very little customer traction and everybody and their dog has made a launch announcement and yet on the other hand there have been different initiatives at places like Sprint to launch […]

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70 Million Small Cells by 2017!

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Mobile Experts predict 70 Million small cells by 2017, and has a $5400 report to explain how. Although it’s worth noting they put WiFi, DAS and repeaters in the same category which I think is a mistake. Nonethless, this report seems to have some interesting data in it.   Links:  Additional Details after the break…

Erroneous: Airvana Is Not Suing Ericsson Over Femtocells!

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There is a PCWorld story that is WRONG, mentioning that Airvana is suing Ericsson over femtocell technology. NOT TRUE. The only connection to femtocells is Airvana is suing because they fund their femtocell development (new lilly pad) with software and support fees (old lilly pad) from their EVDO boards installed into (formerly) Nortel CDMA BTS’, […]


ABI Reports Stagnant Femtocell Unit Growth

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 Abi has a new report, for sale, titled “Femtocells” that shows the market signed 88 contracts world wide for femtos, of which 37 operators have launched and this resulted in 2.5m units shipped. An interesting observation is ” Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, and Ubiquisys are closely tied in terms of the top share of contracts. Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent […]