Ericsson and Nokia are Raising SONs Differently

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I have never read this book although I probably should, but it was funny in context of Self Optimizing Networks (SONs) and there you go. Ericsson and Nokia made announcements at this years MWC that were carefully crafted to be as different from each other as possible, yet when digging deeper into what details they […]

Erroneous: Airvana Is Not Suing Ericsson Over Femtocells!

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There is a PCWorld story that is WRONG, mentioning that Airvana is suing Ericsson over femtocell technology. NOT TRUE. The only connection to femtocells is Airvana is suing because they fund their femtocell development (new lilly pad) with software and support fees (old lilly pad) from their EVDO boards installed into (formerly) Nortel CDMA BTS’, […]


Ericsson and Qualcomm Release Details on VoLTE to WCDMA SRVCC Handover

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 Ericsson and Qualcomm just pressed that they performed successful voice handovers back on December 23, 2011 with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) to WCDMA handover using Single Radio Voice Continuity (SRVCC.) The significance of this is that VoLTE/SRVCC allows a good user experience while reducing the required radio components thus saving cost and battery life and […]