The Curious Case of Small Cells/HetNets

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First a brief history of time… (props to Stephen Hawking) I remember the curiosity and excitement for the future I had when I first went hands on with the mobile wireless data freedom that IBM field technicians had back (first recognizable outside IBM as the Advanced Radio Data Information System [ARDIS] 800MHz 2 way network) in the […]


Happy New Year- CES 2014 Time!

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There’s so much going on in the industry now. Firstly we have the New Year. Happy New Year. I will continue my analysis from before, however things got interesting when the data showed something about specific vendor performance. Last year LTE became mainstream for most technology reporters and we saw lots of drivel published. News […]


On The Other Hand…Big Cells, Small Steps… Updated!!

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 Update: Serendipitously, Kevin Pritchard at GigOM just published an article on Verizon’s New network. I added some thinking about this below… There’s disappointingly little to report from the Small Cell Forum meetings in Dallas, TX this week, was hoping for someone to make bold moves. Anyhow, ever notice that most LTE macro network operators are very hesitant to push the […]

The future billboard

LTE Optimization Thoughts

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   Working on many things at the same time, the tunnel vision sets in, so every once in a while, I try to take a I step back and reflect on where we are in LTE land. What I see is a early market that has yet to find it’s purpose in life. Yeah yeah, […]


LTE Advanced in the US Next Year!

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Real quick, AT&T execs are supposedly working to launch LTE Advanced next year!  I first saw this on TechSpot. Their Article is here: AT&T executives confirm 4G LTE Advanced rollout will start next year I think this is very plausible considering the standards will be in place at that time and they have this other spectrum that gives […]


Oh No She Didn’t! (Sandy Motley, ALU VP of Sales @ RCA Conference)

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 Sandy Motley, Alcatel-Lucent’s vice president of sales for U.S. wireless accounts told RCA conference attendees in her keynote titled “Destination 4G” that Dickens was correct, “It’s the Best of Times and Worst of Times.” Note, she begins at the 24.21 mark in the video. Basically she talks positively about the connectivity aspect in society. For […]


Verizon Waved Magic Wand and Improved LTE Latency

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 Verizon must of had some test routes in or something…As of today their latency is much more reasonable. (30ms average reduction) The end user experience improvement is pretty good when testing with Skype. Their LTE service is getting to be pretty good now. I reside at the cell edge and 700MHz delivers where 1900MHz does […]