FUD Alert: VoLTE Calls Are Battery Killers??

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 Now the Blogosphere is incessantly echoing this story … I first noticed in GigaOM, their story is really Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) extremist journalism (how’s that?) Their story is linked below. Voice Calls Over 4G LTE Networks Are Battery Killers The key quote is: The results of those tests should give carriers and consumers […]


US Cellular and Lower 700MHz LTE Deployments

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 I was looking at the Press Releases from US Cellular regarding their LTE market launches. You can see them here. Anyway the key things to me were, firstly the where….  The November rollout expands the 4G LTE footprint in select cities in Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Oklahoma, and brings 4G LTE coverage to some […]


Huawei’s SingleSON Solution: Monitoring Every Call In Your Network (To Reduce OPEX)

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 Having spent more than a decade working at an Asian conglomerate, I can appreciate the occasional feelings of corporate loneliness and therefore the need to put out some PRs to get some of the love back. So in this week’s episode, Huawei’s propensity to enable corporate or state espionage in communication networks is being debated publicly (it is an election year in the […]


The New iPad, LTE, Backhaul and User QoS

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 I’ve been playing around with The New iPad since Friday now, and the thing that’s most annoying at the moment is not the device at all. It’s Verizon. I’ve been of course testing LTE speeds and comparing to my Verizon 3G speeds and I must say, the latest iPad has a good receiver performance for […]


LTE Smart Phones Just Not Compelling Enough Today!

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A quick rant. It bugs me that the current crop of LTE smart phones, even those demonstrated at Mobile World Congress this week,  just aren’t compelling enough yet. These devices have nice screens and all are striving for that thin, simplistic framed, glossy look that’s oh so desirable, however although the web experience is blazing […]