LTE’s March Down the Hype Cycle… and me!

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Garter Hype Cycles Visualized

The future billboard As LTE permeates its’ way through the technology landscape, I’m making some adjustments to my relationship with the market. Yes, I’ve complained about these things before and again, but this time I’m doing something different.

Firstly, all road signs point to LTE progressing down Gartner’s Hype Cycle chart. I thought it was oversimplification, it is, but it is a rule of thumb that events seem to track with. Here is the trend chart: 

Garter Hype Cycles Visualized


This aggregated view of hype cycle data shows a pretty decent trend.

Below is their presentation on 2012-2013 if you are interested…

For LTE specifically, I am feeling like we are getting into a heel dragging mode, by the carriers first and foremost. Perhaps some or much of this is driven by the large OEMs trying to preserve their markets, or simply by the carriers reacting to conditions such as the rising data tide and not really thinking through the end game? Either way, I’m a little frustrated at the brakes being pushed so hard. Examples: Roaming? Still a mess. Universal devices, no. M2M, very very very slowly but at a steep cost (Vertical markets.) Higher throughputs and lower costs to end users? Uh, no. Greater profits for operators based on operations, not device sales? No way. Public Safety is progressing albeit very very slowly so I won’t thrash that too much. You get the point.

It’s not healthy here. I see an enormous opportunity to remake this marketplace and bring improvements to the whole ecosystem, end user/subscribers included. ‘Future’ technologies within LTE are exciting and the out of band changes are happening at light speed. 

What I am doing is, firstly, I’m going to help propagate some changes to the industry through a store front called WiLANgo. wilango_logo1_smYeah yeah, but seriously, this is different in that we’re not doing purely what’s been done before. We are offering some old vs new way products and solutions and will let the market vote with its $, that is, if you need to be more efficient and save CAPEX etc, there is something for you, else you can choose dinosaur eggs for a limited time. Since it’s so different, it’s invitation only, so if you want an invitation, email me at wilango [aht] sonlte doht com …. First things on the menu are around revolutionary test tools and millimeter wave technology. 

My other endeavor is what we are calling AerieTau. AERIETAU-02Basically I can’t tell you much about it because there are many shills out there that will jump on it and present it as their solution for you, so it needs some incubation to develop correctly- not with outside voices limiting the innovation… you can count on it to target annoying and expensive problems, be disruptive, and probably the way things will be in the future. So there, I’m putting my words into action. Hopefully we can have a more open conversation soon and we can discuss the updated Hype Cycles!