Dishint Been a while… I’ve been collaborating and innovating but I thought I would register my approval of a Dish + Sprint + Clear tie up. Firstly let me say I don’t think Softbank would be willing to let the opportunity slip away so low ($25.5B US) but I like the idea of an all wireless triple play. Yes, after a decade of talking about ‘Triple Play” it could finally happen. 

Some reasons that I like the idea of this combination:

  • Pricing for TV and mobile telephony in the US is high and not falling due to relative mon/du opolies of dominant incumbents
  • Dish and Sprint have both looked to use spectrum in alternative ways- seems like they could finally put something new out when together.
  • Sprint’s extreme risk averse culture sure could use a shake up, overall, it is really is slow to make decisions.
  • A triple play offer that’s true- not a reseller play, could offer some interesting future technology through integration
  • Both subscriber bases could grow marginally
  • Synergistic (did I just say that?) spectrum for LTE Advanced!
  • Saves a combined company CAPEX by not having Dish rush to build a nationwide LTE network (good for subs, but takes a very long time, so small likelihood of success)

They both also have ‘oddball’ spectrum, 2.6/2.3GHz [TDD]/800MHz [FDD] @ Sprint plus the 2200MHZ [FDD] @ Dish and could be merged into a very fast LTE-Advanced spectrum with some changes @ 3GPP…Heck even Verizon doesn’t have that much spectrum that close together to put up initially, although they have lower bands which have better RF propagation characteristics than the 2.2GHz.

Interestingly, Dish has set top boxes in homes and Sprint has femtocells deployed, so there is CPE in millions of homes. A combined devices makes a lot of sense but has been difficult to pull off between competitive issues etc…

Here is Dish’s site about the merger

Overall I think this could be a win for the US subscribers!

we win


Reuters Story:

Dish tries to trump SoftBank with $25.5 billion Sprint offer

From the Dish site:

Offer Letter

On behalf of DISH Network Corporation (“DISH”), I am submitting this proposal for a merger between DISH and Sprint Nextel Corporation (“Sprint”). Our proposal provides Sprint shareholders with a superior alternative to the pending Sprint/SoftBank transaction. It provides a superior cash proposal and affords your shareholders the opportunity to participate in a combined DISH/Sprint, which will benefit from substantial synergies and a significantly-enhanced strategic position.

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  • Zoran Kehler

    Dish == no innovation whatsoever. When has ever a cable or satellite company succeeded in going into wireless?



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