Another Good Candidate Technology for 5G

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Been following this but wasn’t sure it was on anyone’s else’s RADAR. Today, it popped up in Technology Review so I thought it was good to mention they have an article about it.

What is it? It’s is Network Coding for TCP.

What does it do? It overcomes the congestion and lossy packet problems that cause network throughput drops. Whenever a TCP packet comes out of order or doesn’t arrive, there are a lot of NAKs/ACKs etc.. that have to happen to restart the flow and there is a lot of latency to make that happen. Using some simple algebra that helps recover from errors (not error correction in the typical sense) and new rules, the flow of packets can be greatly accelerated under lossy conditions such as everyday in wireless networks. Papers explaining simulation runs are showing typically between 20% and 40% improvement under lossy conditions. (40% over 0Mbps make it feel huge.)

A startup by Caltech and MIT named CodeOn has been set up to license this groovy game changing technology.

Hope to see this used ubiquitously on the mobile internet! (within the LTE infrastructure and UE)


Network Coding-Aware Queue Management for TCP Flows over Coded Wireless Networks

Modeling Network Coded TCP Throughput: A Simple Model and Its Validation

Download (PDF, 395KB)

Multiple Network Coded TCP Sessions in Disruptive Wireless Scenarios

Download (PDF, 312KB)