One Quick Observation: 5G

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I noticed that several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are announcing their new 1GBps WiFi products. See, while WiFi 802.11n and LTE are both at their 4G commercially, the IEEE standards development for the next G for WiFi has been underway for some time. These new product announcements are based on a 5G WiFi, IEEE 802.11ac. […]


LTE Infographics of the Day

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Whew, been busy in the LTE kitchens so I’ve not had a lot of time to reflect. I should be done with my busiest part of my project by the end of the week, till then check these out. I always have my eyes open for a good info graphic. Here are two that I’m […]


Progress and History

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 I woke up this morning to catch a flight, and it hit me, whoa, I’m getting old. I mean this is the future I dreamt about as a boy. Let’s run down some of today’s topics to prove a point.   WASHINGTON — The space shuttle Discovery, NASA’s fleet leader and the world’s most flown spacecraft, lifted off […]


Updated! Quick Outburst On Frustration with OEM Features

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 Don’t believe the marketing!! Some large OEM’s don’t have basic SON and LTE features! It’s crazy how they are moving forward, in many cases growing marketshare and not covering the basics. The reason the OEMs with smaller shares are marketing features is suddenly in focus for me. There are networks being deployed really without true […]


Aircom International Acquires Symena

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 I think Symena most often partnered with Mentum’s Planet and Forsk’s Atoll so I can see why Aircom would choose to make this buy. The tool that I am very fond of is Symena’s Capesso and I am worried that my planning tool vendor will find other priorities than resolving any issues or doing more […]