Ericsson and Nokia are Raising SONs Differently

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I have never read this book although I probably should, but it was funny in context of Self Optimizing Networks (SONs) and there you go. Ericsson and Nokia made announcements at this years MWC that were carefully crafted to be as different from each other as possible, yet when digging deeper into what details they […]


Interesting Demo for MWC: Cognovo and Rhode and Schwartz are Demonstrating Release 10 Over the Air

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 Cognovo and Rhode & Schwartz are demonstrating Release 10 over the air at Mobile World Congress. Cognovo is putting their CDC160, a Software Defined Radio (SDR) processor to work as the baseband processor and Rhode and Schwartz (R&S) is chipping in their Vector Signal Analyzer SMU200A and Option K85 as the front end to demonstrate […]


The Next Step in LTE Market Development

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Thing about working in the industry is I have to focus on the customer and tell them what they need to know on the the other hand the thing with blogging is I get to rant. Well here is a rant about LTE….  Is it just me or is there a disconnect between the direction […]


Femto Forum Decides to be Small Cell Forum

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Today the Femto Forum announced that they are forevermore The Small Cell Forum. Makes sense as femtocells are sort of boring right now with very little customer traction and everybody and their dog has made a launch announcement and yet on the other hand there have been different initiatives at places like Sprint to launch […]


LightSquared Plans Squeezed by NTIA and FCC

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 Things are not going well for LightSquared. The FCC was waiting for the test results from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) with regards to granting LightSquared their right to broadcast from their satellite and 40K node terrestrial network. In the mail back in July was a letter from Lawerence E. Strickling, the Asst. […]