Symmetricom clock 400

Oh no they didn’t: Symmetricom Releases Industry’s First Multi-Sync SoftClock for 4G/LTE Equipment

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This is an interesting enabling product announcement. It’s a software based timing solution aimed toward LTE infrastructure, more specifically small cells.   So look ma, no custom hardware.’ This and others like this could trickle down into more ‘general’ hardware platforms (commoditization of the LTE infrastructure platforms) that could lead to a huge change in the […]


4G World 2011 (Chicago, IL) Starts Today!

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  Here are the details. See you guys there. 4G World 2011 Program Highlights 4G World 2011’s four-day conference program includes more than 200 speakers and industry leader keynotes.  This comprehensive and interactive program delivers updates on the latest innovations in wireless business and technology. Program Highlights from this year’s event include: Network operator speakers from around […]


Example of Interesting LTE Ecosystem at Work

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 Battlefield Technical Systems (BTS) and Radisys are enabling LTE on the battlefield. BTS demonstrated a ‘femto/pico’ class eNB at their place that proved in the mashup nature of the evolving marketplace. Essential hardware and software pieces were integrated into a final LTE solution…What all of this means is Public Safety and wireless network operators can […]

BelAir2100 no Antenna web

BelAir Networks Delivers Small Metrocell with Integrated LTE+WiFi+3G and Wireless Backhaul Option

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BelAir Networks is putting out press releases about their outdoor BelAir 2100 3G/LTE/WiFi cell that hangs on the cable strand. Their pico cell has about 1W peak output, supports 2 WiFi radios, 1X, EVDO, WCDMA and LTE, ethernet backhaul and wireless (meshing) backhaul, can be pole, wall or strand mounted, and accept AC/DC power inputs. […]