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 Sequans is adding to the LTE ecosystem and their product line with some new 40nm LTE FDD/TDD UE chipsets. These are LTE only, R9 compliant, low power and relatively high performance. The RF support chip SQN3140 RF support chip supports TDD bands etc but the product page doesn’t state support Band 12/Lower 700MHz although the PR claims it does. This is a good addition to the ecosystem. Keep the improvements rolling! 



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This is an interesting enabling product announcement. It’s a software based timing solution aimed toward LTE infrastructure, more specifically small cells.


So look ma, no custom hardware.’ This and others like this could trickle down into more ‘general’ hardware platforms (commoditization of the LTE infrastructure platforms) that could lead to a huge change in the way networks are deployed. We’ll keep our eyes out for design wins…Very interesting….





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 Keynote SIGOS is, well I wanted to start this description with a comment about sending probes to Uranus but that may be misunderstood so here goes. Keynote SIGOS is a probe based system that you deploy within your network and this allows you to perform testing on various aspects of network operations. They say it like this:

The SITE 2.5 System Allows Network Operators to Conduct Full Scale LTE Testing, to Ensure Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for Network Operators (mobile & fixed line), MVNOs, Content Providers, Carriers and Regulators

There it is! This is another way to answer the vexing questions like what IS the QoS for a certain service. Interesting addition to the ecosystem.





 Links:, Marketwatch




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Here are the details. See you guys there.

4G World 2011 Program Highlights

4G World 2011’s four-day conference program includes more than 200 speakers and industry leader keynotes.  This comprehensive and interactive program delivers updates on the latest innovations in wireless business and technology.

Program Highlights from this year’s event include:

  • Network operator speakers from around the world
  • Dedicated 4G Expo with 150+ exhibitors – the world’s largest!
  • Yankee Group’s Customer Experience Summit
  • 4G Backhaul Summit
  • 4G Network Deployments Around the Globe
  • LTE Transition Strategies
  • NFC Summit
  • Next-Generation Devices
  • Mobile OS and Software
  • Small-Cell Technologies
  • Mobile Enterprise Applications
  • Regulatory and Spectrum Issues
  • Policy Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Towers, Structures and Infrastructure Management
  • 4G World Solutions Theater
  • On-Site 4G Professional Development Training Programs

4G World 2011 is the must-attend event of 2011 – the place to gain access to the who’s who of the mobile Internet ecosystem, from industry thought leaders and operators to applications developers, press and analysts.  4G World’sunique program attracts more than 12,000 high-level attendees, over 50 percent of whom are executives and senior leaders. This is the perfect venue to learn what’s new in the industry, meet with clients and partners, and expand your business reach through a wide variety of focused and intimate networking opportunities.

 Battlefield Technical Systems (BTS) and Radisys are enabling LTE on the battlefield. BTS demonstrated a ‘femto/pico’ class eNB at their place that proved in the mashup nature of the evolving marketplace. Essential hardware and software pieces were integrated into a final LTE solution…What all of this means is Public Safety and wireless network operators can expect more innovative gear coming out of the LTE front. A very good development for all! BTW, the main product here is a complete base station in a boxed kit, so open box, dodge bullets, plug into power, turn on, dodge bullets, connect to random fiber optic cable laying on desert floor, play WoW, etc…

Now as far as enabling 4G in the battlefield, I’m a little gray on the benefits in a strategic sense but the soldiers will definitely appreciate getting their gaming groove on.


Links:, Radisys, BTS



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Headline really says it all, ” Broadcom Delivers Industry’s First SoC to Achieve 1.25Gbps for 4G/LTE Microwave Backhaul.” I was expecting some movement in the market for using LTE as backhaul, but was not expecting someone to implement 1024QAM (insanely high!) in this area. It’s a good step. I wonder how big the market is but it’s a great step for the ecosystem. From their PR:

Market Drivers

  • Global mobile backhaul expenditures are expected to reach $8B billion by 2014¹
  • Ethernet is expected to be the dominant carrier technology by 2014 in mobile backhaul¹
  • Microwave backhaul is the most prevalent technology used in the global mobile backhaul market with >55 percent of all backhaul connections¹
OK, so 55% is a great big number. I can’t say that I’ve seen that here in the US.

Key Facts:

  • Industry’s highest capacity (1024QAM modulation) delivers Gigabit and beyond performance
  • Packet fragmentation and header compression combined with ACM-aware traffic management enables radio-optimized networking
  • Robust Adaptive code and modulation (ACM) technology automatically provisions bandwidth
  • Extreme phase noise tolerance reduces system cost and improves spectral efficiency/system gain
  • Synchronization over packet network – SyncE and 1588 support over ACM and protection switching
  • Low latency for 4G networks
  • Integrated carrier grade network processor
OEMs, it’s your turn now. Broadcom has a SoC for you. When will we see these things on the market?

Links: Broadcom


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BelAir Networks is putting out press releases about their outdoor BelAir 2100 3G/LTE/WiFi cell that hangs on the cable strand. Their pico cell has about 1W peak output, supports 2 WiFi radios, 1X, EVDO, WCDMA and LTE, ethernet backhaul and wireless (meshing) backhaul, can be pole, wall or strand mounted, and accept AC/DC power inputs. They claim it’s the first but it isn’t. It is an inevitable step forward in the evolution of networks though. Good Job BellAir!

Link: BellAir Networks



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Qualcomm introduces its’ Snapdragon S4 LTE/3G SoC within their whitepaper. It’s your basic 28nm, multicore, HSPA/EVDO/LTE System on a Chip that supports the 700MHz spectrum (finally!) in addition to the ‘usual’ suspect bands. On the CDMA site, its dual radio paths enable Simultaneous LTE and and Voice (SVLTE) and on both side supports Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB.) This is pretty hot little number for future smart phones….ok QCOM would argue the 28nm size and power conservation would not let it be a hot little number but you get the gist… Could be what the VoLTE Dr. ordered too…

White paper in the full smash below…

Links: Qualcomm

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VoLTE is creeping forward in the shadows. This product announcement is interesting in that they are testing interoperability for VoLTE with the IMS and so on. Let’s hope the ball keeps rolling.




Links: Acme Packet, Marketwatch

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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is the next big thing. In fact, in 24 months, virtually all LTE enabled smart phones will support it. Curious?
Small Cells

Small Cells

Small Cells, previously known as 'femto' or 'pico' cells are possibly a savior to network operators. They offer capacity and coverage to the end user and are inexpensive for the network operator. Why aren't they everywhere?
Public Safety

Public Safety

LTE is and ideal technology for Public Safety use. See Why.