So you want to design an iPhone killer. OK, try this on for size: Taoglas has announced a small antenna that has outstanding efficiency. Real world difference it will make is: for its size, it will have really awesome performance. In other words, it would take you a lot more real estate to have a comparable performance from your run of the mill antenna. Typical antennae are around 40% efficient. LTE begs good antennae performance, and as Samsung found out, every millimeter counts, so very Impressive Obi Wan Taoglas!


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2011-07-14 02:24:49

PA700.A “Viking” Antenna offers Embedded, 4G, LTE Antenna with High Efficiency, High Data Rates and Lower Power Consumption for M2M Markets.

San Diego, CA – July 14th, 2011 – Taoglas Limited (, the leading provider of antenna solutions to the M2M market, today launched the PA.700.A “Viking” antenna, a LTE, septa-band, surface mount antenna (SMT).  It delivers efficiency of over 70% in a design that is significantly smaller than current market wide-band antennas. This multi-band cellular antenna covers all worldwide cellular bands from 700 MHz to 960 MHz and 1710 MHz to 2170 MHz for GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, DCS, PCS, UMTS, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE and LTE. The PA.700.A Viking is an off-the-shelf LTE antenna that is ideal for any M2M product manufacturer that wants high performance 4G/3G/2G capabilities for small devices.

The PA.700.A Viking has many advantages over existing products in the market:


  • The antenna is delivered on tape and reel and can be surface mounted saving on assembly costs and delivering greater performance consistency.
  • With no customization required, development times are dramatically reduced.  Within one week, customers can match the antenna by simply changing the matching circuit.
  • Signal loss is minimized due to a simple 50 Ohm CPW transmission line on the short end of the device board from the module to the antenna.


  • At a size of 40x6x5 mm, the Viking has one of the highest efficiencies for a small-scale multiband antenna, enabling customers to achieve greater device performance and sensitivity in areas of low signal and deliver the data-speed rates that are critical to 3G and 4G devices such as HSPA and LTE.


  • The PA.700.A Viking builds on Taoglas’ successful PA.25.A Anam antenna, which is one of the best selling M2M antennas.

“Product manufacturers are struggling to find LTE antennas in small enough sizes to fit into tight, challenging spaces and still deliver high performance. The PA.700.A Viking improves on the best features of our PA.25.A which is used by the world’s leading auto and medical device makers in extreme environments,” said Dermot O’Shea, Director, Taoglas.  “A comparative antenna to the Viking, with more traditional materials such as metal or FR4 would have a reduced efficiency in this configuration for the same size. No other SMT antenna can match the PA.700.A Viking for the combination of size, durability, frequency range and efficiencies of over 70% on all bands including LTE.”

Made of dense, high-grade ceramic, the PA.700.A Viking is extremely robust and durable for use in extreme environments such as the automotive industry.  It has passed vehicle vibration tests of 10G for automotive and 20G for motorcycles. Network certification can be achieved if the Taoglas layout guidelines are adhered to.

PA.700.A Viking is available directly from Taoglas and will be available with stocking distributors in July 2011.  For more information about Taoglas’ PA700.A Viking visit:

About Taoglas

Taoglas provides a comprehensive range of external, embedded and basestation antenna solutions for M2M applications such as Telematics/Automotive, Smart-Grid, Metering/Telemetry, Home Automation, Remote Monitoring and Telemedical applications. The company’s device RF optimization OTA test chambers and labs in the US and Ireland enable M2M manufacturers, not only to design and test antenna solutions for M2M devices all with one company, but to avail of pre-certification OTA (efficiency/radiation patterns/TRP/TIS) testing for PTCRB and USA network requirements.  Taoglas continually innovates and creates new antenna solutions to meet the evolving needs of the machine-to-machine world. Taoglas’ products operate consistently at optimum proficiency levels, delivering world-class performance, time after time. With Taoglas, you experience high performance, unrivalled delivery, plus you enjoy exceptional back-up and support services.

For more information contact:

Aoife Kimber                                                                           Dermot O’Shea

KimberPR                                                                               Taoglas


Tel: + 1 650 773 7288                                                             Tel: + 1 858-349-7141


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