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Samsung is a partner in the KDDI LTE deployment. I’m only highlighting this because they don’t get much airtime compared to Ericsson or Huawei. KDDI is a HUGE data provider, so tricks here will probably be useful in the future in other LTE deployments.




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You never know when your network will be on the hook…under the microscope…









Just think, this year LTE enabled devices are seeding to the early adopters…

Starting at the end of this year and beginning of next year, LTE enabled devices will likely be picked up by groups of interest (work places)…biz travelers…

And towards the end, LTE will be almost everywhere in consumer and with embedded devices…

It’s really hard to justify planning for a championship party like these pictures show, but is your LTE network ready to be a showcase when called upon unexpectedly?

Are you sure?

















So what’s your capacity strategy? Is your vendor providing the right SON support to help you in these situations? Are you killing your capacity with interference…you might could use that margin…. Thought about how picos and femtos could help you out yet? Just thinking out loud….

eWeek has an interesting commentary on how LightSquared and GPS aren’t co-existing very well. It’s a public battle, yet the GPS spectrum is not the only place with problems, lower 700MHz is in the same shape, except in today’s world, GPS is more important than broadcast TV economically. It’s a good read… There’s a second good post below the eWeek link. I like the commentary.

BTW, was thinking out loud…this GPS fiasco sort of puts LightSquared at a serious disadvantage for VoLTE deployment assuming they come up some solution here and don’t disrupt the underlying networks…But further, the satellite delay would sort of eliminate a Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) type of hand off, and makes a Circuit Switched Fall Back really a long time…bad stuff if one is dialing for e911 services…leaves them with a Dual Radio VCC (DRVCC) as their HO method. This would prevent them from wrecking GPS even if their investors demanded they push the limits of the licenses. They must find a solution here…Stay tuned…





Links: eWeek, Marcus Spectrum Solutions

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There was once a tradeshow called SuperOp 2011 in Kona, Hawaii sponsored by a group called the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium…

Their overall purpose is to promote interoperability which is always a welcome. Their press release claimed the first VoLTE call. Unfortunately the group of people that have heard “Watson come here, I need you…over LTE is quite a significant and growing one that is probably close to ~100 people in the US. And that’s before the show in Kona, Hawaii.  To be fair, this group is responsible for GSMA’s VoLTE interop testing and they are accomplishing that charge by making VoLTE calls.

Anyway, VoLTE press is a ‘good thingtm’ I just wanted to pick on them a bit for the ‘first’ bit.. :)

Huawei provided the infrastructure for this demo opportunity which was a prudent move as they won’t be representing in the first VoLTE roll outs.

Links: IMTC

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Headline is: Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV and Ranking Member Kay Bailey Hutchison today led their Commerce Committee colleagues in sending S. 911, the Public Safety Spectrum and Wireless Innovation Act, to the full Senate for consideration.

If this becomes law after the Senate approves to move it through, it will enable the FCC to manage the Upper 700MHz D block for public safety by making the band both a public-private sector band and set aside around $12B to kick start it.



Link: US Senate, APCO Public Safety Communications, NENA



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Rogers Communications is launching LTE in the Ottawa market this summer, followed by Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and another 25 markets in 2012.  It looks like they are using AWS (2100MHz UL) for LTE here. Their website is actively promoting the launch deals. Yea for Canada…I was going to make a hockey type of joke about their LTE device called Rocket stick, but maybe not since the Canuks have their series is tied at 2-2 with the Bruins. Game 5 Friday 10th but I digress…

Links: Rogers, NHL



Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is the next big thing. In fact, in 24 months, virtually all LTE enabled smart phones will support it. Curious?
Small Cells

Small Cells

Small Cells, previously known as 'femto' or 'pico' cells are possibly a savior to network operators. They offer capacity and coverage to the end user and are inexpensive for the network operator. Why aren't they everywhere?
Public Safety

Public Safety

LTE is and ideal technology for Public Safety use. See Why.