Ubiquisys Reaching Out to Ecosystem, First TI then Intel to Develop Intelligent Small Cells (Femto)

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Ubiquisys is beating the bushes for ecosystem sustainment and growth. Last week they put a presser together that touted their collaboration with TI, presumably over Dual-mode WCDMA/LTE chipsets. This week they put out some press regarding Intel. They way I read it is they are working together to move their existing chipset from Ubiquisys silicon to […]


Traffix Systems Opens Diameter IOT Lab

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This is very interesting to me. Traffix Systems has a full LTE EPC (core) and is offering over 50 types of diameter based interfaces to test interoperability and compliance with. Quick refresher: Diameter is a protocol for secure and efficient provisioning of Authentication Authorization and Accounting (AAA) services, forming the backbone of service administration including […]


Virtual LTE IP Core Network Stress Testing

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      BreakingPoint has introduced the BreakingPoint LTE Test Lab and the FireStorm Cyber Tomography MachineTM (CTM) to enable operators to simulate applications, 3GPP hardware elements/functions, and features like DPI under duress. I’ve always advocated that QoS  (Quality of Service) based network differentiation is next as everyone rolls out LTE, and the requirement will be […]