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Idea for LTE Operators

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Funny thing about LTE, it’s really polarizing in the blogosphere. Most people are extremely impressed by the performance but there are a few that claim they are rarely if ever on 4G.    Made me think, why don’t the operators…                


Silly Engadget:Verizon’s LTE network takes the night off, leaves a bunch of Thunderbolt users bewildered

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I have been pretty busy lately and needed a chuckle. Here is today’s (Thanks to Vlad @ Verizon’s LTE network takes the night off, leaves a bunch of Thunderbolt users bewildered By Vlad Savov posted Apr 27th 2011 7:19AM Is your fancy new phone lacking that certain extra G that makes it special? Worry not, it’s not […]


UMTS Pico Army Strong!

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Looks like BTS (name of firm) and Harris have come up with the KnightHawk. This is a hardened UMTS pico that operates in the UMTS (AWS in US) 2100MHz band, provides 10W of output, supporting 60 simultaneous voice calls and 14 HSPA (Data) sessions. Don’t forget, Harris has teamed with Nokia Siemens for LTE equipment […]


Network Sharing is Contagious

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I’ve been beating this drum for a while, but once more won’t hurt. There are very compelling economic reasons communications networks should be built and shared. Regarding the sharing, in the US there has been WiMAX via Clear and Sprint, but now there’s LightSquared and Sprint and, LightSquared itself, and many others all over the […]


Intriguing PR from NetLogic Microsystems…OP6100 supports up to 65MHZ OBW

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There is an interesting release from NetLogic Microsystems that their OP6100 supports 65MHz Occupied Band Width (OBW) with 145MHz of total bandwidth. This part seems like a great part to think about for LTE Advanced systems, and multigenerational basestations that need to support multiple carriers and formats simultaneously. On the other hand, not sure if […]


Future SON Tech: MIT Test Wireless Network Performance Optimization Using Sensor Hints

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Here is clear case of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP.) Researchers Lenin Ravindranath, Calvin Newport, Hari Balakrishnan and Samuel Madden at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory recently put together some prototype network improvements to the test over WiFi. The concept was to integrate local information, such as from sensors, to improve network performance. They used […]