With the controversy surrounding the GPS interference and LightSquared, it’s easy to forget LightSquared is charging ahead with their plans to launch LTE service. Just this week, LightSquared announced they have signed deals with Cricket (Roaming) and Best Buy (Reseller/Distribution.) What got my attention was PC Mag got some hands on time with the Anydata LTE MODEM. Looks like the LightSquared (recently launched) satellite must be functioning quite well.


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ORLANDO – This modem won’t destroy GPS. Hopefully. New 4G upstart LightSquared announced its first wholesale deals here at the CTIA trade show, selling high-speed Internet through Best Buy stores and to Cricket Wireless customers. Today I spent a bit of time with the carrier’s first USB modem, a slim model designed by California firm Anydata.

The Anydata LightSquared modem packs a lot of power into a surprisingly slim device. It’s a little broad, but flat and not clunky. The white modem has a snap-off cap and two low-key lights to show power and signal.

The technologies in here are very unusual, though: the modem will combine L-band 4G LTE, satellite connectivity, 3G CDMA and GPS, Anydata VP of sales and marketing Raymond Kim said.

CTIA 2011

“We can pack a lot of technology into a small form factor,” Kim said.

While LightSquared hasn’t discussed 3G roaming for its customers, Kim said he expects LightSquared’s partners will offer some sort of nationwide 3G solution, at least for the several years it takes LightSquared to fully build out its network.


“You want customers to be able to seamlessly enjoy data wherever they go,” he said.

Kim said Anydata isn’t getting involved in the dispute between LightSquared and the GPS industry. Some GPS makers, such as Garmin, say that LightSquared’s ground-based use of spectrum formerly reserved for satellite services will interfere with GPS reception.

“I certainly hope it isn’t a concern,” Kim said.


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