LTE Network Design Advice: Don’t Overlook the X2

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This should be quick…Often times I am asked what can be done to improve network performance. There are all of the obvious answers such as those related to the radio link and the backhaul so on but the one I see as the most underrated improvement time after time is the X2 interface. The S1 interface […]


Bluetooth 5.0 Is The Reason

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Saw everyone announcing something new so I read some specs….There are very few reasons that absolutely compel me to purchase a new device. Sure it’s cool to have a thinner, faster CPU, more OLED, faster LTE more battery type of device but those changes are all nice to haves after your current device has reached […]


Long Live Small Cells and LTE…LTE-U is a Terrible Idea at Best

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Quick refresher: LTE-U (LTE Unlicensed) is a scheme to aggregate the “free” 5GHz spectrum typically used in WiFi with LTE at lower “Wide Area Network” (WAN) governmentally auctioned frequencies such as 600-700MHz, 1.8-1.9GHz, 2.3GHz etc etc… The business drivers are Qualcomm (more chip$) and the network carriers which are looking for relief from network congestion and […]

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Pre Thanksgiving DNS issues- Pardon The Interruption

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Sorry all, been working on several projects at once and haven’t had much free time to make updates. Then I realized that the registrar had changed something that made hitting the site hard. (I still can’t see it in Safari yet.)  I will be making updates soon too BTW.           Happy […]


Reinvention of The Communications Infrastructure Universe

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Apparently I’m on some unintentional quest to piss just about everyone off in this world. What I mean is, last week I mentioned that I thought the network operators were going the way of the dinosaur and so now I need to see this through… have to go all the way. A little background: I have been […]


The Curious Case of Small Cells/HetNets

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First a brief history of time… (props to Stephen Hawking) I remember the curiosity and excitement for the future I had when I first went hands on with the mobile wireless data freedom that IBM field technicians had back (first recognizable outside IBM as the Advanced Radio Data Information System [ARDIS] 800MHz 2 way network) in the […]


LTE Range Extension Press Release by PSCR- Remixed

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Ok so General Dynamics has been plugging away at the PSCR (Public Safety Communications Research for U.S. Department of Commerce)requirements to help standardize (ok commercialize) aspects of LTE for public safety use and they just put out this press release letting us know they have successfully tested a long range (boomer) LTE cell that had a […]


The Internet of Things (IoT) Getting Interesting

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I am an early adopter. I admit it. If there is something out there that I can use to modify my life to make it quicker, simpler, better etc… I will try it out. Of course 99% of the time it’s not exactly what it’s cracked up to be, but the 1% surprises are great […]


5G? 5G? You kidding me? You talking about 5G?

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More frequently, I see media comments about 5G or hear questions about 5G wireless technology. I mostly ignore it ,but as there’s steady increases in the amount of daily hype around it, I’m wondering why? This year was a big year for 4G and many geographies are in some phase of either enjoying it, dealing with the […]


Time to Change The Small Cells Business Model

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A long long time ago, in a galaxy… in 2003 at Samsung, we were trying to sell our small cell vision to carriers, and carried demos all over the country.  Everybody agreed it was pretty awesome but the adoption for deployment was just not very good at all. Later, I worked with a couple of […]